Victory for Hankook: Manufacturer Excels in Independent Product Tests

It was cause for celebration this year when Hankook’s brand new Ventus Prime3 tyre won shortest braking distance in the 2018 summer tyre test, held by Auto Bild – one of Europe’s biggest automobile consumer magazines.

It is the second independent product test the Ventus Prime3 mastered, after being awarded top marks in the ADAC summer tyres test. These wins confirm Hankook’s place as a superior supplier of high performance tyres for every purpose.

Three Generations of Success

As a third generation product in the successful Ventus Prime series, this offering has repeated the success of previous designs in this accomplished line of products. A successor to the Ventus Prime2, the new model has been launched to contend with the driving challenges of the European summer.

Marketed as ‘premium comfort tyres’, the Ventus Prime3 meets high standards of performance, luxury, safety and environmental friendliness. Thanks to the 90 available sizes, any kind of car can benefit from enhanced summer driving.

The Ventus Prime3 possesses:

  • Outstanding driving ability on wet and dry roads
  • High-precision steering
  • Short wet and dry braking distance
  • Comfort making for a smooth ride

The Big Test

The first round of Auto Bild’s tests saw 51 products from an impressive array of market leaders go through rigorous testing – Hankook came out on top for braking, standing out amongst other global forerunners.

Remarkable Wet and Dry Handling

The superb grip is achieved by the cutting-edge silica compound, providing unbeatable grip on any type of surface and an 8% improvement on wet braking compared to its predecessor. The four grooves in the tread pattern also act to resist the effects of aquaplaning and enhance control in wet weather.

A key element of the tyre is a innovative new polymer that boasts a high molecular weight, thus boosting its wear-resistance. As an added innovation, asymmetry is incorporated into the tread, creating a more effective contact surface between tyre and ground.

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Hankook Tyres Chosen as Original Fitment for Citroёn C3 Aircross

Fresh off the factory line, the new compact Citroёn SUV has been fully kitted out with Hankook tyres to complement its award-winning, innovative design.

The C3 Aircross is Citroёn’s latest contribution to the SUV market. With a compact design that’s full of personality, the Aircross is a highly customisable vehicle with a wide choice of driving modes for all weathers. Contributing to its superior standards of driveability is the original fitment of Hankook tyres.

CS Aircross’s Fitted Tyres

Depending on the customer and size requirements, the C3 Aircross will come fitted with either:

Hankook’s Kinergy 4S: All-weather, multi-performance tyres that boast a 10% braking reduction in snowy conditions, and a measured improvement to both dry and wet handling.

Thanks to the addition of two different sipe types, the Kinergy 4S possesses both summer and winter capabilities, making for first-rate driving all year round.

Hankook’s Ventus Prime 3: Summer tyres that perfectly balance safety and performance, and with an improved water clearing system in place, and high grip silica compound to improve dry and wet traction.

A Strengthened Relationship Between Citroёn & Hankook

The addition of these tyres into the Aircross C3 was welcome news to Hankook. Tony Lee, the Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Hankook Tyre Europe, was quoted as saying:

“We are looking forward to a strengthened relationship with the second largest car manufacturer in Europe, now adding the Citroën brand as well. Since we deliver original fitment tyres to the sister brands Opel/Vauxhall and Peugeot, we see great potential for more intensified cooperation, particularly on the European market, which is very important for us.”

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Hankook Tyres Chosen for the New Honda Accord

Hankook Tyres has been honoured with the role of main original equipment (OE) supplier for the brand new 10th generation Honda Accord.

Hankook’s Premium Grand Touring All-Season Tyre

The tyre chosen for the job will be the Hankook Kinergy GT, in size 225/50 R17V. Described as a “premium grand touring all-season tyre”, the Kinergy GT performs exceptionally well across many criteria. The high grip silica compound means that it excels in a range of conditions including wet, dry and snowy, and also makes for quieter and more comfortable driving.

Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hankook, Seung Hwa Suh, stated, “It is an honour for Hankook Tyre to become the main OE partner with Honda’s flagship sedan, the new 2018 Accord. This not only proves the company’s cutting-edge technology, but also Honda’s trust in Hankook Tyre”.

Release of the New Honda Accord

The new, state-of-the-art Honda Accord is due for release in 2018. This hybrid model combines a luxury cabin with fuel-efficient mileage and also boasts the claim of being the smartest, most technologically advanced Honda Accord yet, with Mobile Hotspot Capability. Each vehicle will come fully fitted with a set of quality Hankook Kinergy tyres.

Whilst the new Honda Accord will not be available in the UK, this is still a good example of the recognition and trust awarded to Hankook by top car manufacturers. Here at Watling Tyres, we wish this partnership every success!

Recent Awards for Hankook

It’s been a successful few months for Hankook, one of Watling Tyres’ most trusted tyre suppliers, as they received two accolades recognising their achievements.

Hankook Honoured in the Strategic Partnership Category

This year the premier trailer company, Schmitz Cargobull, celebrated their 125th anniversary on the 6th October in Germany. Hankook had the exclusive honour of being the only tyre company to be awarded a prize at the special event.

‘Strategic Partnership’ Award

The ‘Strategic Partnership’ award was presented to Hankook in recognition of the strong working relationship between Hankook and Schmitz Cargobull, the success of which allowed the trailer company to offer the best possible transport solutions to their customers.

Bernard Schmitz, the Deputy General Manager of Purchasing for Schmitz Cargobull, concluded this vein by saying: “For this reason, we’re especially happy to give this prize to Hankook. We look forward to many more joint projects together.”

Dietmar Olbrich, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, also commented that “the prize shows that Hankook has established itself as a key player in the truck market”.

Great Success at the Auto Express 2017 Winter Tyre Test

A Hankook winter tyre has passed the scrutiny of the latest Winter Tyre Test from Auto Express 2017, one of the country’s best selling car magazines.

The Winter i*cept RS² tyres from Hankook proved to be a hit, finishing at a close second when pitted against the many other leading tyre manufacturers. Each tyre’s performance was rated in several assessments to determine its ability, quality, and ease of use. Hankook’s winter tyre took the second prize overall, but achieved a first place in several of the test categories including snow braking, snow traction, and snow circle.

Global Testing

Testing was a truly global effort, with assessments conducted in both at a test centre in northern Germany and in the frozen Arctic Circle in Finland.

Mark Grace, the marketing manager for the UK branch of Hankook, made a statement on the award: “Hankook are delighted with the result in the latest winter tyre tests by Auto Express. The Winter i*cept RS² has already been honoured by the Eco-Master Award from European magazine AUTO BILD and this latest award underlines our commitment to providing drivers with well-designed driving characteristics, including even better handling and braking performance.”

Auto Express concluded by saying that the Hankook Winter i*cept RS² gave “a sound performance that inspired confidence”.

Hankook Tyres Supply & Fitting

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Spotlight On: Hankook’s Kinergy 4S (H740) All-Season Tyres

What is the Kinergy 4S All-Season Tyre?

True to its name, the Kinergy 4S tyre offers expert handling and tyre performance for all seasons. Achieved through unique and innovative tyre design, Hankook have created a product that can handle treacherous winter weather, but also master dry/wet summers. Benefits include: reduced rolling resistance over water and snow, improved traction, and high braking and handling performance in all weathers.


Why are they different to other tyres?

The contact patch area for the Kinergy 4S All-Season Tyres overtakes most conventional tyres by up to 5%, boosting the braking performance on low-grip surfaces, such as icy and snowy roads.
A greater number of tread blocks, a reinforced belt, and two different types of sipes means that traction is improved, along with enhancement of the handling performance and cornering grip.
10% braking reduction in snowy conditions, and a 6% improvement on both wet and dry handling.

What are their main features?

  • 3D sipe locking system which works to strengthen block stiffness by supporting the tyre during even the worst road conditions.
  • Summer sipes allow for summer capabilities, and ensure that the quality and performance of tyres is maintained in dry and wet conditions; this is done by strengthening the stiffness of the treadblocks.
  • Winter sipes allow for winter capabilities by making sure the tyre can perform at premier standards in icy, snowy conditions.
  • Needle-lateral grooves, coupled with cross-over angles, are responsible for high traction and braking performance which is optimised for many types of road conditions.
  • Tread width that ranges from 135mm – 255mm
  • Available in 80 different fitments.
  • High grip silica compound promotes grip, traction and lowers the rolling resistance.

Hankook Tyres at Watling Tyres

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